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Our lives, our landscapes and our natural wonders make for truly incredible photo inspiration. I have been fortunate enough to capture such beauty through my lens and share with friends, family, and followers alike. 

My name is Karen and I’m sure you are wondering what in the world is “Urho” lol…. I am from a major ethnic group of people called the Urhobos, in the northwestern part of the Niger Delta, located in the southern part of Nigeria. Being an Urhobo girl, proudly Nigerian and beautifully African, I chose a name for my travel diary that also reflects my roots and heritage, and so the name, “The Urho Explorer” was birthed. Quite Original isn’t it? 😁
I use my social platforms to share life experiences and hobbies, mine being travel and food, the only two things that involve all the senses. I actively started traveling in 2013 and have been to 50 plus countries and still counting. I only started properly documenting my trips in 2018 and it has been worth the while. I am not a professional photographer but I have created a niche by shooting all my photos on an iPhone, hence the "ixplore with KO".

I am an excellent tour designer and this platform allows everyone to contact me for travel advise and tour information including but not limited to what to expect while traveling, how to procure visas if applicable, tour tickets, advise and information on any kind of travel around the world. I can work with you to tailor your best travel experience yet and maybe teach you a few tricks on mobile photography.

To live vicariously through my lens, please visit the blog and of course tell me your favorite photo or which country has inspired you.

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