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Feels on 3 FILS

Everyone who knows me know I love a good meal any day any time. In fact, I recently caught up on Masterchef and I’ve been seriously hooked on that show, learning flavors, ingredient pairing and recipes. There’s a lot of magic happening in the culinary world and trust me, you don’t want to be left out of gastronomy heaven.

Since Fel moved to Dubai, we’ve spent most of our weekends food tasting. Fel is my Singaporean colleague turned friend who I have known for 5 years (time does fly, I didn’t realize it’s been 5 years already). It’s such a relief having food lovers as friends, we come up with cuisines and restaurants to try every other weekend and it’s not cheap lol. I might have to ask for a raise since all my money now goes into eating good food outside.

Luvarie, a friend and a chef comes up with a place this time and we 3 decide to give it a try. It’s the 3FILS restaurant.

Located at the Jumeirah fishing harbor 1, overlooking the river with its fleet of boats docked by the quay.

View overlooking the boats

It’s a beautiful scenery and the outdoor sitting is definitely an option in the cooler months. I was surprised to see that they had some crowd and all the tables were taken which meant we had to wait about 15-20 mins to get a vacant table. It’s a small cozy restaurant with very friendly staff and a small but very efficient menu.

Interestingly we had gone on a Saturday night where they also had a special menu and boy was I thrilled to see the name “Wagyu” on the menu.

As a carnivore and avid lover of beef, the Wagyu is an unmatched favorite, with the Kobe strain being the highest priced in the market. I’m not going to go into the lecture of beef but if you haven’t heard of WAGYU, I really can’t help you but hey 3FILS can 😉

Having looked at the Menu, we decided to start with the King crab Salad. Spicy, sweet, sour, acidic, a fusion on excellent flavors and no, the crab was not lost in all this. Impressive starter and the star of the dish, Mr King Crab remained the star all night long.

King Crab salad with the star crab shining all night

Next we tried the chicken wings. I wasn’t expecting what came, and I was pleasantly surprise both by presentation and taste. The glistening on those wings was everything and it tasted as good as it looked. Cooked to perfection on the inside and really really juicy.

Chicken Wings with the Juice

For drinks we had the Forbidden fruits, Zaatar W Shay and the yellow bird, and I can tell you, everyone’s drink was a hit 🔥!

Drinks is in the House 🎶

We didn’t try anything from the sushi menu but we went straight for the grill. You can’t have anything on the grill and I pass up, hell never, that ain’t happening! Lamb ribs, Fremantle Octopus and of course hehe WAGYU decisions 😁😁😁. There was the Kiwani wagyu and the Mayura Wagyu (chocolate fed, pampered Wagyu), and we tried both. I need not say much, go taste and testify! We also tried the Kanpachi with jalapeño and that too we gave thumbs up. Fish was excellently cooked and well seasoned all round.

Lamb Ribs so soft it fell off the bone by a simple touch

Fremantle Octopus 🐙

Mayura Wagyu

Kanpachi w Jalapeño

I couldn’t understand how every dish could be a hit back to back, I mean damn who is this chef. We found out it’s got Singaporean origin and then I completely understood why the food was so good. If you head to Singapore, you might just come back a few pounds heavier as the food scene there is to die for. I mean variety upon variety and all authentic, especially the Asian cuisine. Singapore is my food haven or heaven, whichever one works for you, but you get what I mean 😜.

What is a meal without a happy ending? DESSERT!!!! 💃🏾💃🏾 I don’t care much for diet and weight gain anymore, I mean we are all gonna die from something, I might as well never skip a dessert opportunity. We went for the Karak ice cream mostly because we were stuffed from ordering all those mains.

Assembling of the Karak Ice cream

Karak Ice Cream ready to be devoured

The entire experience was great and 3FILS is the kind of place to go for a good meal and some good talk, romantic whispers or girl gossip.

I will give this experience a 4 out of 5 simply because I have to keep that 1 to myself for the next time i visit. Price wise I think they are fair compared to other restaurants in the location and the quality of food and service they provide customers. I’m rating the overall experience and not just the food because I’m not a professional critique but I definitely will give them an excellent rating and would extremely likely recommend them to anyone (entire purpose of this post anyway).

The next time I have good friends in Dubai, I’m definitely bringing them here to gastronomy sanctum.

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