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Praha: City of a hundred spires

I have been to a lot of cities but none of them have given me the kind of peace and tranquility I felt in Prague. The air is clean, the mood is chilled and the people are about their business.

The city is maintains its history with a lot of baroque buildings and the old town with its square being the historical core and telling memorable tales from the past.

Transportation is efficient and not very expensive. Since Czech Republic is part of the European Union, the currency in use is the Euro.

When I travel, some of the things I want to explore are the people, their culture, the food, and the history. Most times I see these through the lens of my iPhone camera and these pictures say a thousand words with the memories etched in my mind.

The Vyšehrad cemetery

Old town square

Prague astronomical clock

Charles bridge


Lennon Wall…. Yep John Lennon from the Beatles.

The Power Tower

Old town square

There are many things to do in Prague and so many reasons to visit. One of the ways that help me prepare and choose what to see based on interest is the google page.

If I want to do paid tours, I use Get Your Guide or the Viator websites. So far I haven’t had any troubles with their services even in remote places where they operate.

🍻 to Prague.

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