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The best of 3 bees… (Part 2) in 2 bits… Because Bruxelles

5 hours in Brussels…. headquarters of NATO, known for its variety of cuisine, (I swear I am spoiled for choice, very suitable for foodies like me) as well as its history and architecture; some of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The train ride from Antwerp to Brussels is about 50 mins and it costs €8. It is a very comfortable ride going past various towns and some where around Brussels Zuid station are sex shops 😬 and ladies on display (if that’s your scene).

Having spent most of the day in Antwerp since I am here for business, I decide to squeeze in a little of the sights and chows of Brussels before heading to my next destination. I am not sure what to see so I start from where the train from Antwerp terminates – Brussels central station. This is one busy, super crowded station and somewhat difficult to navigate but I am saved by the bell, my patch and attach broken French 😂 – Ouais je parle français…. un peu 😉.

Brussels Central Station

I walk about 14 mins to the beautiful historic Grand Place which houses the beautiful city hall, guildhalls, the King’s House or Breadhouse (French: Maison du Roi, Dutch: Broodhuis) building containing the Museum of the City of Brussels. La Grand Place has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1998 and the most memorable landmark in Brussels.

The idea is to see some interesting places as suggested on google and trip advisor.

Grand Place Brussels with town hall on the left

The square is busy with lots of people, being the most important tourist destination and it is surrounded by a number of restaurants and cafés. Public transport around Brussels is also very convenient and it costs €7.50 for a 24hrs ticket which includes Trams, buses, and the trains.

When in Brussels, 2 street foods you ought to try are Belgian Waffles and Belgian fries. If you drink beer then please make yourself at home with their numerous bars laden with all sorts of Belgian beer around the city. Did I forget Belgian chocolates? If you are a sweet tooth like me, this is sugar haven and you have to consciously watch yourself, else you might end up with tooth ache, grumbling stomach and a few extra pounds around your waist line since Belgium is generally famous for junk food. The Moules-Frites is the national main dish of Belgium, made of Mussels and fries as the name suggests.

Variety of Belgian Waffles on the Street.

Moules- Frites (photo credit

One popular tourist landmark “to do” is the Manneken Pis, meaning Little Pisser in Dutch 😂😂. It is a small bronze sculpture of a naked boy “pissing” into a fountain’s basin. At first sight I gasp and then I burst into laughter 😂😂. It is such a funny sight to behold but it does have history related to the water supply in Belgium around the 1400’s. The statue now on the corner of a street is a replica of the original which now permanently resides in the Museum of the city of Brussels.

Manneken Pis

You know what they say, behind every “successful man” is an even more successful woman 😜. Our Little boy pisser has a female pisser 😂😂, the Jeanneke Pis. Also a bronze sculpture of a little girl with her hair in pigtails, squatting and urinating 🙈🙈.

Jeanneke Pis

What’s a family of pissers without a pet pisser, preferably a dog 😂, man’s best friend. Team “MJ” – Manneke and Jeanneke – have a pissing dog, the Het Zinneke, a bronze dog pissing on a marker on the street. For some reason it kind of reminds me of someone who’s had too much to drink and is taking a leak on the street with no cares 😂😂😂.

Just when I have had enough of the pissing club and want to turn around to go grab dinner, I see this heart warming monochrome work of art.

I like how the refuse bins add color to the art in this photo. I couldn’t get enough of this art work and I wonder what the artist was thinking when he/she drew this. It is lovely and something I can look at all day and feel all kinds of pleasant emotions.

There are interesting sculptures scattered around Brussels and it gives the city both a historical and modern atmosphere.

Beursplein is another important square in Brussels and famous for its nightlife, having a lot of hangout spots, bars and cafes around the square. I sit on the stairs and watch people go by while waiting to meet a friend for dinner. As it got dark, it had this dodgy feel, so I don’t suggest you lurk around here aimlessly in the night. Be alert for pickpockets, drunken people and maybe druggies if you are alone.

Place de la Bourse/Beursplein

Dinner is at the midtown Grill located at Rue Paul Devaux 4 1000, inside the Marriot Hotel by Beursplein. If you love steak, succulent chops and seafood with an ambience and very friendly waiters, then midtown grill is the place. It’s also got WiFi and the food is wonderfully cooked. If you like pork then try the pork chops with the peppercorn sauce, it’s definitely a Yes!

Boulevard Anspach in 2018

This is a work trip as I mentioned earlier and my time is very limited but other interesting places to visit in Brussels are the Atomium, as well as cultural institutions such as La Monnaie and the Museums of Art and History, Royal palace of Brussels, The greenhouse of Laeken, Cinquantanaire and Mini Europe. Be sure to add these to your city sight seeing of Brussels and if I find myself there before you do, I shall write about the experience.

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