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The Sunny side of the Alps.

FLOTUS 45, an American immigrant born and bred to the Knavs family in Slovenia, an alpine beauty with its breathtaking turquoise lakes, majestic castles, museums and ski resorts.

Slovenia, part of former Yugoslavia is a Balkan country located in Central Europe and also part of the Schengen states. Slovenia’s Capital and most tourist city is Ljubljana and this city is about a 2 hour drive from Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb.

It is a lovely sunny day in Ljubljana with temperatures between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius. The streets are packed with tourists and there’s a lot of activity going on in the city. Today is the first Friday in June and being the start of the weekend, both locals and tourists are out and about. I am spending a few hours in the city as I have taken a day tour from Zagreb to explore Ljubljana.

I’m beginning my tour from the Congress Square, so come on let me take on on this wonderful Alpine exploration.

🔘Congress Square

Congress square is a central square in Ljubljana built in the 18th century. The square has a park beside it and the square is used for events and different activities. I heard if there’s some government disagreement, protests would hold at the congress square.

🔘The Ursuline church of the holy trinity

The Ursuline church of the holy trinity is on the west side of the square. It is a 17th century parish and its altar is made of African marble, which makes this church very unique.

I begin walking to the town square and along the way I stop by other interesting attractions.

🔘Ljubljana Castle

The Ljubljana castle located on castle hill is a former medieval fortress built around the 11th century. There’s also a funicular ride up the castle. At the castle you will find exhibition of Slovenian museum, a puppet museum and you can see other historical places at the castle such as the prison.

I am not going into the Ljubljana castle but it is worth visiting if you like castles.

🔘Cobblers Bridge

The cobblers or shoemakers bridge is across the Ljubljanica or the Ljubljana river and it dates far back as the 13th century. The Ljubljanica flows about 10km from Ljubljana into the Sava River.

🔘 The Town Square

The Ljubljana town square is a major tourist destination and at this square is the Ljubljana town hall with the Robba fountain also known as the fountain of three Carniolan rivers in front of it.

The Ljubljana town hall was built in the 15th century and is the seat of the municipality of Ljubljana

Ljubljana Town Hall

🔘Ljubljana Cathedral

The Ljubljana Cathedral or the St. Nicholas church was a gothic church opened in 1706. The cathedral hosts a lot of artwork dating up to the 20th century.

🔘 Dragon Bridge

What is a holiday or a tour without selfies? Dragon bridge is the most popular selfie spot and if you really want proof that you have been to Ljubljana then this is a must see and a must “click”.

🔘Prešeren Square

The Prešeren Square is part of Old Town pedestrian zone in front of a former old gate into the city. It is a popular meeting place and center for events, activities, concerts and even protests. The square is named after Slovenia’s national poet France Prešeren whose statue can be seen on the square. I heard that the statue being close to two Cathedrals was an uncomfortable sculpture for the Christian community because the muse above the statue has her upper body naked and the Bishop used to come to the square to cover her for a really long time until he finally gave up.

The Franciscan church of the annunciation famous for its pink facade which is symbolic to the Franciscan monastic order can also be spotted on the square.


The Tromostovje is a triple or trio bridge across the Ljubljanica connecting the historical town on one side and the modern city on the other side. It is called the triple bridge because it is a group of 3 bridges and it’s also part of the pedestrian zone. It also hosts a lot of riverside bars, cafes and vendors of all sorts.

🔘Butcher’s bridge

This bridge is a footbridge crossing the Ljubljanica River that connects the central market and the Petkovšek embankment but is now called lover’s bridge because it’s covered in lovers padlocks. I do not understand this weird sculpture on the bridge but I guess that’s their Cupid.

🔘Ljubljana Central Market

The central market is an open market on Pogačar square that stretches on the bank of the right side on the Ljubljana river between the triple bridge and the dragon bridge.

🔘Odprta Kuhna

The Open Kitchen Festival every Friday from Late March to early October is a culinary social event featuring culinary creations of different nationalities and restaurants. It’s like an open food court and you are spoiled for choice on what to eat.

🔘Chocolate and Wine tasting

During my tour, i notice Slovenia has a thing for local wines and gourmet chocolates. Of course I am stopping to sample some items and probably purchase some chocolates. The milk chocolate with sea salt has a rich balance of sweet and salty, making it a must have. I also found a handmade chocolate from the Guinness book of record made in Slovenia and yep as a chocolate lover, I have bought a pack to enjoy on my ride back to Zagreb.

Ljubljana is small but really welcoming and cozy. If you ever find yourself in or around the Balkans, be sure to visit or if you plan a trip to the Balkans, be sure to add Slovenia.

Before I go, I will be very kind and leave you with one vital piece of information that will save you a few euros. Thank me later…

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